My greatest Aspiration for 2015 – Using Art to Facilitate Team Building

   I am a Geologist and Computer Scientist by training. For 20 years I worked as a “Geoscientist” in Oil and Gas and Airborne survey companies. One of my main roles was to support users in using specialised software for Geological and Geophysical exploration companies. I also worked for an ISP and a major IT company.

   In both my professional life as a Scientist and my private life as an Artist, I loved showing people how to do things.  I always wanted, as a hobby, to teach art classes but never had the confidence in my art to teach.
  In Dec 2013, I started a canvas painting party business this year called Social Artworking.  It is a great way to get a few friends together and have a bit of fun creating a piece of ArtWork.   There is no experience needed to create your very own artwork. 
   Though I still do private computer consulting and teach computer classes at neighbourhood houses, my main goal this year is to take the Social ArtWorking business to the next step.  I want to do Corporate or Small Business Team Building workshops using the Social ArtWorking technique.
Why I want to do Corporate Team Building?

   I have worked professionally in both large and medium sized companies.  Each day many people go to work with their “work attitude”, but get them out of the office in a social atmosphere and they are more often than not very different.  They relax.  They spend time talking about other things besides work.  I personally found that was when you really bonded as a team.  I saw a different side of my work colleagues which gave me a different perspective on them as both a professional and a person.

How Art transformed my stress levels     I worked for most of my career in a high stress environment. I was expected to solve problems and get results on a day to day basis.   At the same time I was a mother of two teenagers. I needed an outlet to do something for me, and to relax. When I took up painting classes, I never thought of myself as an artist. It was my way of doing something completely different to my professional life.

 How out of office activities built work relationships
   I believe using Art as a Team Building excercise could be a great way to get people  out of the day to day of work related problem solving and allow them to do something completely different.  Team building and out of office activities are so vital both as a “debrief” from the pressures of work and a way to build a relationship with their work colleagues that can help bond them as a team. Let’s face it a team can work more effectively than individuals.
How does Art facilitate Team Building?

Art and Science are polar opposites! One is logical, step by step, problem solving.  The other is thinking, feeling, and very visual.
   Though I have always been a lateral thinker, art allowed me to look at the world in a completely different way. My goal is to take art to businesses as a way to facilitate team building by getting their employees to use the thinking, feeling, visual way to facilitate team solutions to their business.  Even if they are not scientists art is a way to facilitate creativity in a different environment to the daily work environment.

My Challenge….How to get a gig?
   My challenge and my goal is to look for companies that want to use art for team building or out of office activities.
 Happy Blogging

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