Where Warratahstree Creates

I am so excited to be a part of My Desert Cottage’s “Where Blogger’s Create”

Where Bloggers Create

I must admit my place where I create is in chaos.  I moved from my original room to a much smaller room to accommodate my son, his wife and daughter.  Why they moved in with us is another story.

  So, what do you do when you move into another smaller space.  Well, some of my craft items that I do not use anymore are located in a storage area, so that I can access them when I want to use them again.

  As my new space  is much smaller I had to come up with storage ideas to store most of my paper products and still have room to create and draw.    I am a painter as well as scrapbooker, card maker and jewellery maker.  I create paper products for markets and I am always trying to find stamps, paper s and adhesives.  I am slowly trying to organise my space so I can find things easier and faster.

 I saw one blog last year that had all their paper items in colour groups.  So, I put all my A4 cardstock in a drawer system with labels for the colour groupings.

My 12×12 card stock I put into these great storage containers I found in the local Spotlight store. I love using my label maker and it came in handy to label my cardstock drawers and storage containers.

  I used my shoe rack I got from IKEA for my punches. Oh and I used my label maker to label some of my punches so I know what they are at a glance.

 I have 2 workspaces.  I paint a lot of canvases, so half of my garage is my painting studio.  I have my paints, easel and workbench out in my garage.


I share my space with the car of coarse, so I can’t paint like Pro Hart.

  I still have so much more organising to do in my workspace!  I am hoping to find some really great  storage ideas on the Where Bloggers Create 2014 Link Party.  Maybe next year I will have my workspace more organised.


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