Goldie and the 6 yr olds

  Last year I started teaching Social ArtWorking.  I wanted to teach canvas pa

inting parties and found the Social ArtWorking painting parties were perfect for what I wanted to do.
  This week I had a class of 6 girls, aged 6 yrs.  They were the quietest 6 yr olds I have ever met.  I am not sure if they were concentrating so much on their paints, or scared of the new environment or what.  

  I kept asking them are you having fun and I would see smiling faces and shaking heads…..OK It must be the new environment and the scary lady teaching the class, lol.  They all painted the most beautiful paintings.  What a great job don’t you think?

 Social ArtWorking is a great canvas painting system to teach all ages and I am having so much fun teaching adults and children.


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