CoHosting at Fun Friday Blog Hop and Fun Facts about Warratahstree

I am so excited to be co-hosting on the Fun Friday Blog Hop. In honor of Fun Friday Blog Hop, here are some fun facts about Warratah’s Tree.

I am Tracy from Handmade @ Warratahstree I was born in NC in the USA but have lived in Australia for nearly 30 years.

Though I was born and raised a Southern girl, I met and married an Aussie sailor in Virginia Beach, VA. A tall, dark, handsome man in uniform and an Accent! Be still my beating heart!!

HMAS Sydney Home Coming 1984

 I am a Geologist/Computer Scientist by training. For 15 years of my Geoscientist career, Art and Craft were my hobby and relaxation therapy. Now my hobby is my job and I love teaching arts and craft.

Why Warratahs Tree? Well, since moving to Australia, I have fallen in love with the wildflowers and the amazing trees here. One flower that I painted in nearly every painting I did when I first learned how to paint was the Waratah. The Waratah grows on a large shrub or tree and has very large, bright Red flowers. Bright, Bold, and Flamboyant just like me.

 I have 4 beautiful grandchildren and one on the way. They keep me young and laughing. They say the most amazing things. One asked me that since I was from the “South” and I said words that were not Aussie, did I speak French. Bahahahahah

Happy Blogging and Thank you for linking up with us on Fun Friday Blog Hop
Tracy @ Warratahstree
Welcome to Fun Friday Blog Hop!  

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 Meet our Co-host for this week: 

Tracy of Warratahs Handmade Items Photography


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