New Venture – Social Art Working Art Party


I have finally found a way to start doing what has been a dream of mine since 2012.  I have started teaching Social Art Working classes.

You come along to an art class that is a social activity and party with friends, family, co-workers or come meet new friends.  Even if all you can do /can’t do is paint stick figures you can create a beautiful piece of art work.  The idea is to have fun!
  All the art supplies are supplied.  All you have to do is bring your friend’s/family and refreshments.   Oh and make sure you have some fun!!  I said that already right 😉

  When I last visited my family in the USA.  My sister suggested we all go to an Art Party located near where my family live.  All the women in the family except my great-niece went. Have a look at how different each painting is…. Only two of us have any past experience at painting and yet we all came home with a lovely piece of art.

The first night was so much fun we all went again the next night!!
We are EXCITED…Let’s get started!
Aren’t sisters soooo lovely.

Thought I might share how different each painting is…
I was unable to take my painting back to Australia. I did not have room to fit it into my suitcase….Wonder where it is???  Paula???

My sister
My painting
What an amazing interpretation of the original

This was my nephew’s wife, Megan’s FIRST ever painting.  What a great job she did.  I found it so interesting that everyone’s paintings were so different and yet they still looked lovely.

Megan’s FIRST ever painting!

If you Would like more details about a Classes check out my Social Art Working Page. To book a class or if you would like to keep up with the lastest classes I have booked at various venues  Subscribe Here

Happy Bloggging


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